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Welcome to Body Wisdom Acupuncture!

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"
"...F. Nietzsche

My Philosophy and Approach

“Body Wisdom Acupuncture" is the name of my practice and also my approach to treating people. It means that I have great respect for the body's inner intelligence, and its capacity for self-repair and wholeness.

Ancient Chinese scholar-doctors understood our ‘Wholeness’,  meaning that the physical body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit  are completely interconnected within our human selves. They treated disease and other conditions accordingly, as a dynamic, fully inter-related human body-mind-emotion-spirit system.
By contrast, modern Western medicine, when we have health issues, so often treats us as having separate, malfunctioning parts, requiring separate  medical specialists. Years of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist meditation, and simply living my own Life Journey has given me personal and direct experiences of this wholeness and ‘Body Wisdom’, and convinced me that we always have the ability to discover a more profound relationship with this deeper part of ourselves, which can, in turn, greatly help us to rebalance and heal from any number of conditions.

By practicing Body Wisdom Acupuncture, my mission is to honor and empower the complex, dynamic and truly miraculous network of ‘intelligent energy’ that exists within each of us - within YOU - to assist you in achieving greater health and dynamic balance in your life.  

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Rebecca B. Nye, DOM (NM)

  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  • Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (PCOM-NY 2008)
  • NCCAOM - Nationally Board Certified in Oriental Medicine
  • NMSAAM - New Mexico Society for Acupuncture and Asian Medicine
  • VA/TriWest Community Care Provider for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members
  • ASA - American Society of Acupuncturists